What Is A Publicist ?


 When a company goes into business, it seeks out the best way to advertise. A publicist can assist you in growing your brand recognition, set you up with events that will benefit your company “brand”, simply put they will help you increase your bottom line.

A publicist is always active at an advertising agency.  Are you looking for someone to manage your public relations? If so you should contact an advertising agency in your area.  

Are you making a career decision, determined to become a publicist? Or, do you need a publicist now, in order to promote your business? Either way, we offer information that is valuable to your career.

A book publicist represents an author.  This type of publicist will set up book tours, place ads in publications regarding his clients book, and even send out free copies for publishers or other “important” persons to review.  A publicist can get you radio and television interviews in order to further your own or your clients brand.

There are all types of publicists, virtually a publicist for every type of business.  Also known as a PR firm, or Public Relations firm a publicist is there to help you promote yourself, your products and or services, or the products and or services of your clients.  

Look at what I found



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London Inventory Company gets dealt a hard blow from an unscrupulous seo provider

London Inventory Company gets dealt a hard blow from an unscrupulous seo provider.  I think it is horrible this can take place. Thank God Google has ways to correct situations like this.  A true professional seo service provider can help.   If you’ve been duped by an unscrupulous seo service provider then you  can fix the problem.  It will take time, but after all you have spent perhaps thousands of dollars getting your online shop up, why waste that time and money?

This story is sad and true and it happens each day that someones reputation is questioned by google because some unscrupulous seo service provider doesn’t do a good job.  Protect yourself from this very thing.  Do your own seo but do it under the supervision of a proven professional. There is no magic bag of tricks, Google doesn’t like tricks. As a matter of fact, the more white hat the better.

Let us know if you’ve been a victim of black hat seo like this London Inventory company was.  They were sold links that were blacklisted and since Penguin hit their site has plunged. So unfair. 

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Wrist-bands are a cool tool so you can help your school



Yeah I know that rhymes.  Wristbands sales are increasing as happy children sell the items to friends and family. The costs of the bands are nominal because they are purchased in quantity.

There is a Houston USA company that sells custom wristbands.  When I say custom I mean custom. These bands are super adorable and I mean super adorable.  I don’t write or endorse a lot but these are really cute.

Their testimonials are real. You can tell in the way the person giving the testimonial is acting nervous.  Most of the testimonials are kids and teachers. 

The price that the school or organization pays is just a dollar, two or three depending on quantity. The child or teacher can then re-sell the wristbands for up to $10.00.  These are very good quality wristbands.   Look into today.

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Finding free publicity

To be sincere , finding publicity in business has never been an easy task .The best way to get publicity has always been to first write a good press release which will pass a message to your customers about you and what you have in store for them .

So what is expected ?

Publicity must always be taken very seriously and it ought to be a continuous process which is regular in manner . This will definitely create confidence in your customers and they will have an urge to expect more and more from you all the time.Time is money , you have to keep time with your press release for it to reach the right audience at the right time .

How can you create this cheap publicity and what are its benefits ?

The first step is to not only have an impressive but also attractive website .The most obvious thing is that the attention of potential customers is drawn to that . Put good content on the website that is very informative rather than a “sales pitch ” .This will work out in that , if a potential customer clicks a link they will be having a buying mindset because of the good informative content they came across .

 You should too be harmed with copies of impressive articles that you can send to your customers to demonstrate your enormous command in the market .

Its also good to note that social media is becoming a very powerful tool in creating publicity . Create a facebook page , a twitter account and a LinkedIn profile .You can make your twitter background professional by putting images and graphics of what your business does . You will also be sharing news ,videos and links about your business . This will make potential customers click the links hence getting a sell.

 The reality is that publicity creates confidence in customers and this will make a business boom resulting to huge profits .Go ahead , use free publicity to greatly improve and widen that potential chance of extra cash on your way .

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Vintage Ballet Flats




A vintage ballet flats shoe store that’s rocking the industry. deserves all the best publicity!  It’s site is:

1.  Well branded

2. Contemporary

3. Products are affordable

and so much more.

When it comes to fashion and vintage ballet flats, has what you’re looking for. The site feels like a “premium branded” site, i.e. Coach, or Estee Lauder.  The traffic to their site is coming in by the masses, but how do you get real conversions? By targeting your niche and in this case it’s publicity for their vintage ballet flats online shoe store.


vintage ballet flats

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How To Get Press Attention

That’s the question of the day, how to get press attention!  I’ve been reading about advertising and marketing since a young age.  From that first $3 check for a poem I wrote for a magazine, came the ambition to write.  How to get press attention?  You tell me!

I don’t want to make you angry by not answering your questions on how to get the attention of the press. I do have “some” (emphasis on some) experience in getting press releases out that get attention; however, the “press” that I’m talking about has more to do with getting yourself or a client into the local or national news.  It’s important for any business to establish their well thought out business plan first, then go after some exposure in the free press.  Well let me tell you, nothing is ever free.

Social Media Marketing is becoming the rave. You can literally reach out and grab new business by making friends online, doing what we do best, chat and type.  Press can be reached through the social media too.  Look at it like this, if you’re adding the local news teams as your friends, sooner or later, if you have a great story someone will catch on.  After some press exposure it’s always easy to continue to build your resume of established press and work from there.

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How To Meet Music Producers

I am attaching a cool pdf on how to meet music producers. This is a freebie list I purchased, yes purchased, online so I don’t know how current it is. When I find time I will go through this list and clean it up if need be. As a publicist you need to have contacts.  When I saw this list offer I just had to have it. I mean after all I am a publicist and you can be too!

Meeting casting directors, music producers, etc. etc. it’s all a dream for most.  Only a select few people have the nerve to be a publicist.  Scratching and clawing your way into the press isn’t easy. You have to have a clear story, a great product and a good sell.  Finding a music producer, getting to meet one, is a challenge but oh the rewards in the end.


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Celebrity Publicist

I’m not sure I can give you all the information on finding a celebrity publicist, considering I have yet to meet a celebrity. I will say this, that my passion is such that I am certain I will meet one some day.  Within our advertising, and marketing firm business, we work hard each day for high profile famous clients such as Ed Butowsky or Sovereign Funding.

I know that each of them deserve the best publicity that they could possible get because they’re actually really good guys. I’m sold, so I don’t see why the press wouldn’t be sold on doing either of them an interview. Oh I forgot, Ed is already on the news.  He’s fairly famous for his CNN, Fox news and other news network appearances.

Oh wow, maybe I should have Ed introduce a store regarding the structured settlements business and drop Davids name. What a coo that would be.  See there, I’m already a celebrity publicist. That is, if Ed agrees, lol

I am on passionate stride to meet Oprah and Tyler Perry. Of course everyone wants to meet the President and tell him what we think he should do!  With Oprah and Tyler Perry, they’re much different than anyone else in the celebrity world.  Oprah is an icon oh wow should I attempt to explain why when it’s so clearly obvious. The inspiration she has given me in my own life is laughable to some, but very serious to me.

And let’s not forget about celebrity Tyler Perry. He’s an omg type of person. Genuine, cool, street smart, compassionate, and Christian. He see’s his blessings come from something higher than himself, but as a visionary he realizes the hard work and determination needed along the way. I’m certain I could play a white Madea.  Try me Tyler, try me!

Please child don’t get me started, lol!  Your life has a story, so does mine. I suppose, so does everyone’s.  This is to all the visionary’s such as Oprah, Tyler, certain others who have brought their lives to a better place. They’re trying to help inspire you, giving you the same gift they have, and that to me is why I myself work, to help others, to inspire.  Most of my family and friends know where I came from, whereby they give me praise daily. My praise is also return to God, someone higher than myself. Thank you lord I am blessed.

So whether you are a Christian, Muslim, of Jewish Decent, any religion at all, know this.  There is obviously something higher than our own self who is the biggest celebrity publicist of all!

Peace to ya’s.  May you have a lovely, superb, and glorious day.



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Getting Publicity For Your Business

Getting publicity for your business doesn’t have to be hard.  Understanding how to get publicity is the first step.

Some of the logical, obvious answers on how to get publicity are:

1.  Do something press-worthy in order to design a press release.  Sooner or later if you keep doing press-worthy things, events, charities, etc. you’ll be recognized in the press and it’s possible you could get interviews from local media.

2.  Write all the local media in press release form, to tell them about why you’re newsworthy.  These media people actually do read the press releases.  If you’re business is a well known industry, and you know of a trend, the press will eat it up.

3. Write all the publicists you know to see what they can do for your company. is one such marketing firm. There are a ton of other publicity firms that will help in getting business.

Naturally you’ll want to learn everything and anything on the subject of publicity so stay tuned.



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How To Get Press

Everyday we evaluate how to get press for our clients.  Individuals and business owners need to know how to get press.  In order for your business to get the exposure it deserves you will need to seek out the press to invite them into your business, to read your press release, or interview you or your client.  If you succeed at getting even one great interview it could literally “make” your business.

How to get press?  Continue to follow this blog and or contact our web marketing team now.

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Get Website Traffic

There is nothing more exciting than having your own website.  Once you get website traffic you see what all the hard work was for.  Get website traffic now by using social media, and other forms of internet marketing. We’ll show you how.

You can spread the word to everyone and get website traffic to your site fairly easily, but it’s a struggle if you are the only one working on the project.  In order to get website traffic you have to pinch and prod all your friends and family, practically making them visit your site.  It truly is not as easy as we tease it is.  But it doesn’t have to knock you down in the process.

You do know that you can get the word out to people who do not know you exist by using social media including facebook, twitter, google products, and a host of many other free online tools, right?  If you didn’t know how to get website traffic, then you do now. The big three are facebook, google circles and twitter.  It doesn’t get better than that!

That’s the beauty of having a web site so that it can be connected with a lot of people in a fast and easy fashion.

When your site is starting out, and you know nothing about generating traffic to your website, then you become frustrated. What does it take to make a website thrive, geesh?  It has to be easier than all the linkbuilding articles, and seo techniques that you’re finding online.

It’s essential that you use as many free tools as possible when you’re first starting out on a budget.  You have a lot of visitors eager to see this new site, fresh, that don’t even know they’re eager.  They don’t know how awesome your product is or anything about you but when they do, are you confident that they will purchase.  Getting website traffic to your site is only half the battle. The buyer has to buy for it to be a profitable venture.

Sad but true, the weeks and months, they go by without website traffic. What’s a site to do?  What you haven’t tweeted several times a day?  Oh no, you don’t have a facebook or a gmail yet to use your google products?  It’s no wonder then that you are not getting more interest!

Creating and publishing a website is just the appetizer. The highlight of the whole thing is getting more visitors.

Getting traffic is easy, as you follow these tips:

Article Marketing:

If you write an article on the topic of your site and send it to a website
article. That the website will send the reader to his own through a link provided.

This is not just getting new visitors, but also gives them the information they need with the article you wrote.

The use of social networks:

By having an account on social networking sites like Facebook, you can promote your business. These websites are very popular and frequently visited.

By having an account on these sites that are more likely to connect with potential visitors.

Paying for visitors: (not really cool!)

If you really need to get more visitors to your site you can advertise your website using Google ad words. This is a quick and easy way to gain visitors.

All you have to do is make an account and write advertising. After that you just have to wait for visitors to come. Despite having to pay for each visitor, you have to spend a few dollars, and even as low as a few cents.

Getting web traffic is really important, because what is the point of
having a website if you do not get to see? It may take a lot of patience, a lot of effort, and even a box a few, but with the benefit of more and more people visit your website, everything worthwhile.

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Business Web Site

Building a business web site is easy. Anyone can make their own site if they have the
money to do it or not. However, building a successful business using a website
is not as easy as building it. One of the most common mistakes that you can do
is waste time building a website that will not earn money.

If you need your site to rank #1 in google we can help. We offer a free, no
risk consultation regarding how to take your internet business to the next

A business website is a lovely idea, but having the ability to make sure it gets seen on the web is how you will earn money.

We can help you generate traffic to your business, guaranteed!
Contact us online at

Some companies only create website just so they can say they have a
website, but has not really done anything for your business. A website with no
real purpose is not simply a waste of time.

But I’ve thought through your website and know its main purpose, will
receive great benefits from it. Having a successful website offers great
advantages such as:

Employees Less Cost
When you have your own website would be able to do extra work such as
product offerings without having to hire and pay staff. You do not have to go
through the trouble to compensate and ensure an employee because you do not.
Any service you need is provided with a single click of a mouse.

Your business is always open

You will be able to take a break, but your business be in operation and
providing direct service to their beloved customers 24 / 7. Because your
website your customers can contact you, and be able to get the information they
need without having to go through you.

Earn more customers

Because your website is seen around the world there is a great opportunity
to have more customers.

Save the money spent on postage and printing:

Since only your customers can see everything they need in place, you will
not have to go through the hassle of printing and sending files to clients.

Unlimited advertising

Before, when you want to advertise our business, would have to buy an ad in
a newspaper. And we know that if we want a page that would have to pay a lot of
money. But today you can advertise your business on your own. Their website is
an ad. Each time someone visits your website you have the opportunity to
promote your business.

Connect with customers around the world:

Because your site is open all the time. Customers from different countries
in different time zones, you can send comments and questions online. They can
join their forums and receive and impart information through the threads.

Building a business website without a purpose is a complete waste of time. But if
your site is well thought out and well planned, if you have a great bass player
and the right approach, the benefits of your website is endless.



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Finding A Publicist

Finding a publicist doesn’t have to be hard, finding one you can afford is an all together different subject.  A publicist agency will spread the word out to the media, all media, television, radio, and print media agencies.

When advertising your business, don’t forget to include a publicist service.  Someone knowledgeable will help you with advertising your business from a “publicity” point of view.  Getting you interviews, traveling to and from events, may be a challenge, but it will be a much-needed “thing to do” for your business.

The news media alone carries a lot of search engine optimization value.  If you’re placing links on news media sites back to your business from a press release that goes viral online, then not only have you succeeded at getting the word out, it also creates a nice link back to your site that google can read and “value”. More on search optimization later.

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National TV Advertising

Affordable National TV advertising is the way to go.  If you’re careful about selecting what local markets will work well for your product or service, and you analyze the costs carefully, you’ll see that it’s not that expensive.

Whether you’re a structured settlements company buying annuities, or a bakery cooking up dough, using national tv advertising can reap a pile of return on investment.  Your business can grow literally overnight, but be careful. Television advertising can be expensive.





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Publicity for you and your ideas!